Mind, Body and Soul


By Jennifer Jones

It’s no surprise that most of us are overworked, overwhelmed and overstressed. Fortunately, a vacation can help relieve stress, prevent heart disease, improve productivity, and aid towards a better night’s sleep. With that said, it just may be time to rejuvenate your mind, body and soul by escaping somewhere that’s worlds away from the everyday. Here are a few inspired suggestions:

There’s a good reason American author Elizabeth Gilbert visited Bali in her memoir Eat Pray Love. The moment the plane lands in Bali, you will sense a peaceful energy. With over 50,000 Hindu temples on less than 2,300 square miles, Bali is home to many colorful ceremonies and rituals. Daily yoga, meditation, prayers, and holistic medicine are an everyday part of the Balinese way of life. Looking to relax even more? The spa culture in Bali is second to none with an abundance of tranquil day spas.

For somewhere closer to home, consider Sedona, Arizona. Sedona is not only over-the-top beautiful, but it makes for a great getaway that’s guaranteed to refresh the soul. The many local resorts and spas are great for relaxing. Sedona is also home to many vortexes and the Native Americans considered the area to be the birthplace of their spirituality. Even skeptics can enjoy Sedona for its gorgeous red-rock buttes, steep canyon walls and pine forests, as well as its mild climate and dynamic arts community.

Rounding out the list for the best vacations for the body, mind and soul is Mykonos, Greece. The colors of the city are enough alone to put one at ease. It is not overly touristy and most people that you see around town are locals. The weather is ideal for walking to all the sights or spending a day relaxing on the island’s sun-kissed beaches.




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